ACIC Grandsleep

ACIC is a Member of Sayegh Group and was established in 2002 and the owner of the Grand Sleep Mattress brand. Allied Conversion Industries is one of the well-known factories in the region and a bright name in the field of manufacturing spring mattresses and manufacturing sponges of all kinds and fibers. The company always strives to meet the needs of the local and foreign market with the highest quality standards and international specifications. Grand Sleep Mattresses manufactured from the best materials are characterized by quality to ensure comfort and maintain the body. Our mission is to develop and produce high-quality and increasingly comfortable sponges and brushes to suit the needs and requirements of our customers while maintaining competitive prices. Our vision is to lead the sponge and spring mattress industry by constantly expanding our product range while maintaining high quality and affordable prices for everyone. We consider our values as part of every service we have, which includes our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and credibility. The company has worked to provide distinctive exhibitions through which customers can get the opportunity to try and inspect spring mattresses and see all the models offered by the company and put them in the hands of the customer with a trained sales team at the highest level to answer all customer questions and inquiries regarding spring mattresses and sponges. Our employees have exceptional skills in the process of manufacturing high-quality mattresses, and our specialists are always working to get the best technologies and materials that will provide a comfortable sleep from our factory directly to you. Our philosophy: We aspire to always be number one in the world of mattress and sponge manufacturing locally and globally. We will not compromise our commitment to quality and accuracy standards. Our concern for our customers makes us realize that our presence should provide them with everything they need from a good night’s sleep. Providing our customers with the best quality ever. Provide everything the employee needs to learn and develop. Listen to the customer and work to meet all his wishes. The company, its management and employees are one family that grows up with our proud customers. Product description: Allied Conversion Industries offers you the finest types of healthy spring sponges and mattresses that are specially designed to provide all ways of comfortable sleep. Our products are of high quality and are made according to international specifications to satisfy all tastes and needs. ​ Spring mattresses: Our family includes specialists and technicians who work all the time to provide the best quality and the highest specifications to put in the hands of our customers. We are working on manufacturing traditional, hotel and contemporary spring mattresses in advanced methods that will raise the level of quality while ensuring that we get the best price to suit the options we offer for all tastes. Sponges: Our company provides the finest types of sponges at the local and international level, because we are always working on studying everything that is exceptional to provide and put in your hands. Fiber: Our company is working on providing a full range of fiber varieties to help you complete your home and outdoor work quickly and easily. The fibers we offer are characterized by high density and an excellent degree of absorption, carefully studied to give a longer life span than required.